Milonga – inspiration from latin america

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Easily one of Ireland’s most talented and accomplished guitarists, Alec O’Leary’s debut album captivates the essence of Latin American guitar music, taking much inspiration from the Tango, Milonga and Vals forms.

“Throughout, O’Leary does full justice to the music and gives some very exciting and clever performances, the ultimate track – the excellent Dyens arrangement of the classic Felicidade – being the icing on the cake and making for a truly exhilarating conclusion to a very enjoyable programme.” Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine.

“The guitar work is stunning in many places and there’s no doubting O’Leary’s skill.” Hotpress Magazine.

Milonga is the debut album from classical guitarist Alec O’Leary. It is a rejuvenating journey through some of the most exciting muisc in the guitar repertoire. Taking much inspiration from the Tango, Milonga and Vals forms this recording showcases the best in Latin American guitar music with works by Piazzolla, Lauro, Dyens, Cardoso, Morel and Jobim. Eco-Friendly packaging made from recycled card.

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 Track Listing

  1. Danza Brasileira
  2. Verano Porteño
  3. Milonga Del Angel
  4. La Muerte Del Angel
  5. Valse En Skaï
  6. Tristemusette
  7. Tango En Skaï
  8. Milonga
  9. Virgilio
  10. La Negra
  11. Carora
  12. Natalia
  13. Felicidade



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